Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Malcolm Bricklin To Build Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

We are on the same page with Malcolm Bricklin left. Remember the gull-wing Bricklin? It was the cult classic car of the 1970s. The coolest car on the road. DeLoreon copied the Bricklin. Now he has his eyes on hybrids. He is currently chairman and CEO of Visionary Vehicles and wants to start fresh and mass produce a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. GM, Ford and Daimler Chrysler also want to introduce a dependable plug-in vehicle.

The ideal vehicle would be one under $10,000 that uses a battery (Lithium-ion or Nickel Metal Hydride), a fuel cell and regenerative braking to power the vehicle. It would be very lightweight. The battery technology needs some work because there are problems with Lithium-ion and high temperatures. But that can be solved. Lithium-ion batteries like to be recharged and they are lightweight. Hopefully these vehicles will get up to 300 miles.

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