Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ford Edge Hybrid Electric Vehicle Should Be The Future

We like the Ford HySeries Edge. We have been promoting this concept for years. It is the future and should be the future because it gets good mileage and does not emit smog or greenhouse gases. In fact, the only emission is harmless water vapor. Unfortunately, it now costs $2 million. Hopefully mass production and government assistance will help bring that price down to $30,000 or lower.

The Ford Edge is a plug-in fuel cell hybrid with a fuel cell and Lithium-ion battery. This is the ideal. The GM Volt has a Lithium-ion battery too, but the other propulsion component is a gasoline engine. We prefer the Edge. The Edge has a fuel cell that recharges the battery while driving. It has a range of 225 miles with fuel cell recharging. It can be recharged at any outlet.

Much work is still needed on the Lithium-ion batteries. They are unstable and can ignite or explode if not manufactured properly and exposed to high temperatures.

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