Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Compton To Catalina Program

Introduction: The Center for Environment, Commerce and Energy (Center is expanding its environmental programs in the West. The Center has established a partnership with the Greater Union Baptist Church (GUBC) to operate an environmental tour program called “Compton To Catalina,” which will take students and other young people from Compton, California to Catalina Island.

The purpose of the program is to expose young people from Compton to the Pacific Ocean and an incredibly beautiful island. People take it for granted that the vast majority of this kids never get on the water and many people live their entire lives without directly experiencing the Pacific Ocean even though they live within five or ten miles of it. We believe that such early exposure to this environment could lead to a lifelong environmental stewardship ethic.

Due to the on-going water, energy management and air pollution problems in California, we focus a significant percentage of our attention on these issues. We have an extensive history in energy policy, water and clean air programs.

Program Organization: The Center will work with GUBC to recruit people to participate in the Compton To Catalina (CTC) Program. We will make arrangements for the tours and facilitate educational experiences for the students. Each tour will be a daylong affair that will include transportation to Long Beach, where the tours will originate. Participants will have escorts at all times and activities on the island will be arranged to maximize the environmental experience.

We will utilize the services of Catalina Express. Passengers on board Catalina Express can expect to arrive in Catalina in about an hour, from Long Beach, San Pedro or Dana Point. Catalina Express offers year round service and the convenience of up to 30 round trips daily. We will use the Long Beach Downtown and Long Beach Queen Mary locations. We will alternate between the Avalon and the Two Harbors locations on the island. For the Two Harbors tour we will leave from San Pedro Terminal because service to and from Two Harbors is only available from the San Pedro Terminal. Most boat trips are only about an hour. There are numerous activities available on Catalina Island, including: hiking, biking, camping, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sightseeing, dining, shopping or relaxing, to name a few. Our main activity will be a submarine ride to view submerged vegetation and fish species.

Round trip tickets are approximately $70.00. We will provide roundtrip van or bus service to Long Beach. We will also provide lunch. We are planning to take 5-10 people on each tour.

Center Experience: The Center has operated river programs on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in Washington, D.C. and the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The Center utilized its 22-foot Boston Whaler to operate these programs. We would explore various ways to include inner city youth in navigation, pollution education programs and ecology. Our water resources program will include everything from sponsoring tours to Catalina Island and electricity power plants to water conservation projects in housing in Compton.

Center President Norris McDonald has been a member of Seafarer’s Yacht Club in Washington, D.C. Seafarer’s was the first black boat club established in America in 1945. He has served on its board for four years and is an experienced boater. McDonald was also director of environment for the Maryland town of Highland Beach.

The Center for Environment, Commerce and Energy was established in 1985 as a non-profit--501(c)(3), public interest organization dedicated to protecting the environment, enhancing the human ecology, and working to ensure the efficient use of natural resources. The Center resolves environmental issues through the application of practical environmental solutions.

Greater Union Baptist Church is located in the heart of Compton, California. GUBC has two main Sunday services and aggressive outreach into the surrounding community. Their opportunities to serve include participation at the Compton Women’s Shelter, the Long Beach Rescue Mission and the Grace Elliott Medical Center, among others. Reverend Kenneth D. Tillman is the pastor of the church. Reverend Sammy P. Darling, II is Associate Minister, Director of Youth Programs and Outreach Coordinator. Reverend Darling will coordinate the Compton To Catalina Program on behalf of Greater Union Baptist Church.

Summary: The Center intends to provide a valuable environmental service to the youth of Compton, California. We believe this CTC Program will provide a rich environmental experience for participants. We will engage as many churches, schools and other institutions involved as possible. We will also appeal to the greater Los Angeles community to support the program.

Time Frame: The program time frame is for a one year period. We are establishing the Compton to Catalina as a permanent program.

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