Tuesday, March 12, 2013

African American & Latino Energy Employment Program (ALEEP)

The Center, through its outreach arm, the African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA), is implementing an African American & Latino Energy Employment Program (ALEEP) that will connect job seekers with upstream oil and natural gas employers.

IHS Global, Inc prepared a report for the American Petroleum Institute (API) in November 2012 entitled, "Employment Outlook for African Americans and Latinos in the Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Industry," which projects that 80,000 oil and natural gas jobs (20,000 for African Americans 60,000 for Hispanics) will be created between 2010 and 2020.  The report notes that accelerated development would produce 113,000 jobs for  African American and Hispanic workers by 2030.  It appears that the oil and natural gas industry has the potential to provide almost 10,000 jobs per year for the next decade.  AAEA will to help facilitate connecting oil and natural gas employers with potential employees.

Outreach and Recruitment

AAEA will reach out to companies, associations, organizations, colleges, community colleges, technical schools, trade schools, trade associations, individuals and others to facilitate implementation of the ALEEP. We will serve as a clearinghouse between these groups and individuals and oil and gas companies.

AAEA will work with employment agencies and employment consultants in order to match companies with applicants. We will provide a national service that matches potential employees and employers in order to meet the demand for almost 1,000 jobs per month for the next decade.

We will not duplicate the considerable outreach already underway via promotion of STEM programs, but we will assure that all STEM program promoters are aware of the ALEEP. We will focus significant effort on HBCUs and other universities. Our focus, however, will be on community colleges and trade schools. AAEA will visit as many of these institutions as our budget allows.

AAEA will reach out to black fraternities and sororities. We will also inform the civil rights and environmental justice organizations about the job prospects in the oil and gas sectors. We will also seek out community organizers in every major city to make sure they and their constituents are aware of the ALEEP.

AAEA will brief each member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) about the ALEEP and will encourage them to share this program with their constituents. We will do the same for each state legislative black caucus. We will also reach out to black mayors and black county council.


AAEA will present quarterly reports about its progress.  The reports will be specific to each individual sector that we approach.  Hard copy documents will also be produced to serve as a promotional tools for the ALEEP.

Internet Outreach

AAEA will utilize its blog to disseminate information about the ALEEP. We will utilize links to the ALEEP as a major outreach tool. AAEA will be a one stop shop for employers and minority employees to connect with each other. AAEA will also facilitate these connections. We will utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other electronic media to publicize the ALEEP.


AAEA will issue press releases and utilize every means necessary to alert the media to ALEEP. This will include press releases, press conferences, press meetings, personal appearances and all other means needed to publicize the program. The ALEEP can be a productive tool in recruiting minorities to the oil and gas industries. Our goal is to make 'black and brown jobs' as prominent as proponents have made 'green jobs.' America's energy future is at stake and AAEA is at the forefront of promoting the efficient use of natural resources.  The ALEEP will be a major program in advancing our agenda.

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