Friday, May 14, 2010

Green DMV Receives The Washingtonian Magazine Award

Rhon Hayes, Norris McDonald, Philip O'Neal
Rhon Hayes and Philip O'Neal, left, acepted an award from Washingtonian magazine on behalf of Green DMV for their environmental stewardship. Hayes and O'Neal received the award at the Washingtonian 3rd Annual Green Awards, which honors those who preserve and protect our environment and teaches the virtues of living green. Green DMV was one of the honorees.

The awards ceremony was held at the Blue Ridge Restaurant and other honorees included: Tracy Bowen, Founder, Alice Ferguson Foundation, Seth Goldman, Found, Honest Tea and Bethesda Green, Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic magazine and Cate Magennis Wyatt, Founder and Executive Director, Journey Through Hallowed Ground.

Center President Norris McDonald is on the advisory board of Green DMV. (See Washingtonian, May 2010)

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