Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glenn Beck Attacks EPA's Faith Based Program

The Center supported former President George Bush's Faith Based Initiative and we support President Obama's Faith Based Initiative. We specifically support EPA's Faith Based Initiative and established the Robert J. Knox Institute to recognize and continue his work. Beck seems to support Bush's program, but seems to oppose Obama's program. Beck decries mixing religion and government to fight global warming. That is the basis of his opposing President Obama and supporting President Bush. Except that Bush had the exact same program at EPA as Obama. The late Bob Knox, who was co-director of EPA's Office of Environmental Justice and director of its Faith Based Initiative, was excellent under the Bush administration and the program continues today. Mr. Beck has not done his homework.

Now Beck says Obama is replacing God with government. Glenn. Please. Pick up the Red Phone. Give us a call.

Beck dismisses social justice and environmental justice as progressive plots to subvert America. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Beck says these items are about redistribution of wealth. Clearly Glenn has not done his homework or he would know that disproportionate environmental impacts are real and pose a threat to the health of Americans everyday. Social justice put President Obama in the White House. Could that be what is really upsetting Mr. Beck? Glenn, we watch your show and your coverage of climate change, social justice, environmental justice and faith based initiatives is below par.

We are disappointed that Glenn Beck only presents one side of environmental issues, particularly when it comes to climate change and environmental justice. He could just read the Center Blog to get a proper education on green issues. Moreover, we find no contradiction in pursuing capitalism and social or environmental justice. Yet, to deny disproportionate impacts and global warming is to ignore profitable mitigation strategies. You cannot solve a problem that you do not acknowledge. Our Red Phone is sitting right here. We are waiting for it to ring.

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