Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can Bio-Matrix Peat Moss Absorbent Help In The Gulf?


Sphagnum peat moss is only found north of the 49th parallel and has the highest moisture absorbency characteristics of all the known peat mosses. In its natural state in the Bio-Matrix "Fison" peat bogs of Park land County, Alberta, each lb/kg of sphagnum moss retains from 9 to 14 lbs/kg of water. Bio-Matrix USA Inc then cultivates this high grade 90% moisture content raw resource to a +/- 60% content through bog preparation and aeration.

It is then carefully harvested, screened, and brought to a plant where a specialized heat treatment and air drying process reduces the moisture content to +/- 10%. At this level the peat fiber's water retention features change so that its cellular structure now becomes singularly hydrophobic (resistant to water) and has a natural affinity to absorbing and encapsulating hydrocarbons.
This activated peat is then double compressed into 4 cubic foot/200 liter and 2 cubic foot/100 liter bags for shipment to our worldwide network of licensed Bio-Matrix Master Stocking Distributors.

The video below shows the product as work as it absorbs transmission fluid from a glass of water.

Disclaimer: The Center is not yet endorsing the product or the company and has not been compensated for this article.

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