Thursday, May 27, 2010

12 Simple Ways to Fireproof Your Home for Summer

Summer leaves ample room for accidents when it comes to fire. While we’re off enjoying the weather, simple things can go wrong resulting in a fire that spreads like, well, wildfire. Keep a fire safety plan in play all year and go over it with children every season to ensure they know what to do should disaster strike.Taking the proper precautions to fireproof your home for summer will help you avoid an accident and can save lives.

Simple Ways to Fireproof Your Home Inside

Keep up with fireproofing through the summer by implementing these simple tools for the season. When in doubt, get the opinion of an expert (as in the case of overloaded wires). While it may cost you for a home visit, you can be sure your family is safe and any faulty hazards are taken care of immediately. This can wind up saving your life and a lot of money in home insurance.

1) Get rid of excess stuff.
2) Swap your candles for infused bamboo.
3) Double check your smoke alarms.
4) Make sure there are no overloaded wires.

Simple Ways to Fireproof Your Home Outside

Once you’re done taking care of fireproofing your home on the inside, don’t forget about the outsize fire hazards that can exist during the summer. The season means a lot of time is spent outdoors with the family, so take the proper precautions to ensure everyone’s safety for summer.

5) Move the recycling outside.
6) Fireproof your patio furniture.
7) Buy a fire extinguisher to keep outside.
8) Barbecue away from shrubs or trees.
9) Dispose of coals properly.
10) Never leave outdoor candles unattended.
11) Clean out dryer lint.
12) Keep a close eye on fireworks activity.

FULL DESCRIPTION (Source: Fire Science Degree)

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