Saturday, June 20, 2009

What A Year It Has Been So Far


By Norris McDonald

From the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to Cash For Clunkers, it has been quite the rollercoaster ride so far during the first half of the year. I attended the inauguration and had a ringside seat. I've been to a bill signing at The White House and a meeting with the EPA administrator in her headquarters office. I've chatted with Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu several times (pestering is more like it). Now we are fighting to get energy/climate legislation passed in the U.S. Congress. And to cap it off, we are supporting President Obama's health plan. Wow. What a ride. I have not seen this kind of action since.....well, ever.

I served on the planning committee for The State of Environmental Justice in America 2009 Conference. We also managed the Environmental Justice Blog for the conference. I finished the first draft of my autobiography. Some juicy stuff in there. Hopefully it will be published in early 2010. I even had time to do some clamming in The Hamptons.

And the year isn't even half way over yet. Man this president is setting one heck of a pace.

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