Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clean Environment In Congressional Hearing Rooms

If everybody decided to bring signs into the Congressional hearings rooms, it would be chaos. In recent years, protesters have been allowed to bring in signs as long as they sit quietly. The signs should be banned because they distract congressional members and the public from serious public policy deliberations. These same people also scream out their protests in hearings. Screamers and disruptors should be arrested and fined. If everybody practiced this aberrant behavior in hearings, there would be chaos.

Citizens should be clearly warned that they can express their views to members outside of the hearing rooms. It is extremely selfish of chaos radicals to disrupt the hearings for everybody else. Decorum should be reestablished in the Congress of the United States. The hearing environment has been allowed to become polluted. Mitigation is in order. We hope Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are listening.

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