Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Atlanta GreenBusiness Works Announces EXPO 2009

The second annual GreenBusiness Works EXPO 2009 – a major educational conference and EXPO for businesses and communities throughout the southeast – will focus on sustaining sustainability through best practices demonstrating that going green can save green. The EXPO takes place September 2-3 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Because of today’s financial climate and GreenBusiness Works’ commitment to helping organizations develop sustainable business practices which benefit the environment, EXPO 2009 is dedicated to helping organizations learn no cost/low cost methods to help them go, stay and save green.

GreenBusiness Works EXPO has already lined up an impressive roster of exhibitors. Last year’s EXPO had over 60 diverse exhibitors and this year’s is expected to have even more. A number of attendees last year developed significant business relationships at the EXPO and report that they are still doing business with contacts made there.

GreenBusiness Works EXPO’s breakout session tracks this year focus on no cost/low cost initiatives organizations can implement to reduce expenses. Organizations interested in the basics and how to get started can attend one of several Sustainability 101 sessions designed to support those just beginning or new to sustainability. Sessions will include updates on carbon emissions, legislation and policy and will be designed to keep business attendees informed about the latest Washington policies and issues, including new mandates and pending legislation concerning carbon emissions, trading, offsets and emissions.

Overarching session themes are as follows:

Existing Buildings sessions will help attendees discover how renovating green can reduce the bottom line costs.
Renewable Energy, Technology and Energy Conservation sessions will feature subject matter experts who will provide an overview of the latest data and information in renewable energy and the products that are coming to market to support renewable energy use.
Clean Water and Water Conservation sessions will cover specific strategies focused on new technologies targeting both mitigation and adaptation from xeriscaping to rain harvesting to grey water usage.
Waste Minimization, Management, Reuse of Materials, and Recycling sessions will feature industry experts who will focus on the current trends, issues and opportunities facing both the private and public sectors.
Logistics – Greening Your Plant, Warehouse and Fleet topics will include how to set a realistic, logistics greening agenda for your facility, fleet, warehouse or plant while reducing expenses to save money.
Finally, Supply Chain Management sessions will teach attendees how a green SCM policy will save money, reduce harmful environmental impacts and improve worker safety.

More about the EXPO (register to attend), or call 404-668-3616.

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