Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Asian Development Bank Could Accept Nuclear Power

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) may include nuclear power in its carbon dioxide offset trading program. According to published reports, WooChong Um, ADB Director of Energy, has stated that ADM might end its rejection of nuclear power as a green power source. The ADB is under increased pressure to promote alternatives to the fossil fuels that cause global warming.

Te ADB is considering the use of nuclear power under a new energy policy to be adopted later this year. The ADB has not advocated nuclear power out of concerns for safety and conversion to weapons use. It is good that the ADM is debating the issue internally. If they approve the change, then nuclear power might be included in Kyoto Protocol II.

Center Vice President Derry Bigby will be traveling to Manila, Phillipines in June to meet with ADM officials at their headquarters to promote the adoption of nuclear power as a carbon dioxide offset. (International Herald Tribune)

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