Monday, November 26, 2012

Proposed Coal-Fired Power Plants Worldwide

Some 1,200 new coal-fired power plants are being planned across the globe despite concerns about greenhouse gas emissions from such generating stations, the most polluting type, the World Resources Institute estimates. Two-thirds of them would operate in China and India.

In 2007 there were over 50,000 active coal plants worldwide.

There are currently 1,446 coal-fired generating units in the United States.

There are about 18,000 total individual electricity generators at about 5,800 operational power plants in the United States with a nameplate generation capacity of at least one megawatt. These power plant can have one or more generators, and some generators may use more than one type of fuel.

The three largest coal power producers are China (36.2 percent of the global total), the United tates (23.7 percent), and India (7.7 percent). [World Resources Institute, NY Times, 11/26/2012, SourceWatch, DOE-EIA, Wikipedia)

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