Thursday, November 08, 2012

CDC Asthma Analysis

More Americans living with asthma,
but effectively managing the disease
Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new analysis of asthma data in its latest national surveillance summary. This surveillance allows CDC and other federal agencies and partners to identify trends in asthma control across the nation and to track progress in helping people living with asthma learn how to control this disease.  Asthma is a significant public health problem, which afflicts nearly 26 million Americans (CDC released an infographic earlier this year describing asthma’s impact on our nation).
For this report, CDC analyzed data from multiple national surveys conducted by CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics.  The analysis found that asthma prevalence is increasing, meaning more Americans are living with asthma than ever before. As a result, more people are at risk of being hospitalized or dying because of their asthma, both of which can be prevented by effectively managing the disease. But the data also reflect a positive trend. Despite the fact that more people are coping with asthma, fewer are dying from asthma and the number of asthma-related hospital visits has not increased. This shows that more people with asthma are effectively controlling the disease, and as a result, they are staying out of the hospital, and leading healthier, more productive lives.
CDC’s National Asthma Control Program, created in 1999, helps Americans manage their asthma.  The program is focused on reducing the number of deaths, hospitalizations, emergency department visits, missed school days and workdays, and limitations on activity due to asthma. CDC funds 36 state or territorial health departments and several non-government organizations to improve surveillance of asthma, train health professionals, and educate individuals with asthma and their families. The data released today provide evidence that CDC’s partnership with these organizations is achieving success by helping more Americans gain control over their asthma.
CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics provides statistical information that guides actions and policies to improve the health of the American people. (CDC)
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