Thursday, November 15, 2012

Calif Air Board Accepts Federal Vehicle CO2 Standard

The California Air Resources Board today approved an amendment allowing compliance with national greenhouse gas emissions regulations for passenger vehicles to qualify for compliance under the California's clean car rules.  It is the final step in establishing a single national program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing vehicle efficiency.

The approved amendment, known as a "deem to comply" measure, acknowledges that the federal vehicle standard satisfies California's requirements.  Approval of the amendment marks the fulfillment of a commitment California made in the summer of 2011 to auto manufacturers and the Obama administration to accept the proposed federal standards as equivalent to its own.

The greenhouse gas standards under the California Low Emission Vehicle (LEV III) standard, like the federal program, will be in effect for the 2017 through 2025 model years and are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent over that period.

Many of the technologies that reduce climate change and tailpipe emissions also significantly improve fuel economy, which will result in these cleaner cars costing less to operate than today's cars.

The full package of California regulations, including tailpipe standards for smog-causing pollution and a mandate for specific numbers of zero emission vehicles will save California drivers $5 billion dollars in operating costs in 2025, and $10 billion dollars by 2030 when more advanced cars are on the road.

In addition, in 2025, average consumers will see nearly $6,000 in fuel cost savings over the life of the car. Based on typical financing for a new vehicle, savings accrue the minute the car drives off the lot. (CARB)

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