Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Ron Paul "Plan To Restore America"

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has released an 11-page "Plan To Restore America" that is full of budget cuts and spending freezes.

Here is a 7-point summary of the plan:

1) Cuts $1 trillion in one year and more in following years through attrition.

2) Reduces other funding to 2006 levels.

3) Eliminates 5 cabinet secretaries (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education).

4) Block grants Welfare Programs to remove federal strings and let states work out their best solutions.

5) Eliminates subsidies and Corporate Welfare.

6) Slashes perks and salaries for congressman and Bureaucrats. President Paul will take a salary of around $39,000 per year, the median salary for an American worker.

7) The corporate tax rate would fall to 15% from the current 35%.

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