Friday, January 21, 2011

Hu Jintao Had A Great State Visit. Now What?


By Norris McDonald

Chinese President Hu Jintao, right, is an impressive man.  And he is the leader of a very impressive country.  From the time he arrived at Andrews Air Force Base (about 4 miles from my house) until he left Chicago, his visit was impressive.  The state visit is important because it is crucial for President Obama and President Hu to harmonize our two economies.  We need to create at least 200,000 jobs per month in the United States to significantly reduce the unemployment rate.  China needs those employed Americans to buy their stuff at WalMart.  So China needs to help to create jobs in America.

The Center visited China in 2007 and we will return this year to help in creating these jobs.  We want to bring Chinese investment to the United States.  It was widely reported that President Hu facilitated deals for aircraft and other heavy machinery, agricultural products and software that could be worth $45 billion for U.S. firms. China also indicated that it would give U.S. companies better treatment and do more to protect their intellectual property. Fine.  We need the Chinese, who have a healthy national treasury, to invest in many smaller projects too.  We will be promoting such investments and assisting China in innovating in America.  So have a good flight back to China from Chicago, President Hu.  We are not far behind you.

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