Thursday, March 18, 2010

CBO Estimates $940 Billion for Health Care Reform


By Norris McDonald

The Center and I support the health care plan the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just estimated would cost $940 billion over the next ten years. I am one of the 32 million uninsured and unable to get insurance who longs for adequate health coverage. With the preexisting condition of asthma, I cannot get health insurance. And am terrified at the thought of paying some unreasonably high premium to XYZ Fly-By-Night Insurance Company that will not pay bills if I do get sick. Now I have been a chronic asthmatic since 1991 so although I have asthma, it appears to be under control. I will probably die from some other illness before I die from asthma. As a free market guy, I understand that I am not the most profitable insurance investment. I got insurance for my 18 year old son even though he has asthma.

So President Obama is on the right track to reform health care. People should not be dropped by their insurance companies when they actually get sick and need the insurance, particularly when they loyally paid their premiums over years. We with preexisting conditions should not be blocked from getting any functional insurance. Congress should act now and pass this important legislation. Politics as usual keeps American lives at stake.

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