Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sara Palin Will Support Cap-and-Trade Again

Sarah Palin supported Cap and Trade when she was Senator John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate. John McCain was the guru of Cap and Trade in the Senate for years. He led the movement to adopt Cap and Trade. Sarah Palin opposes the current Cap and Trade legislation but we believe she would support a properly constructed Cap and Trade program.

At the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, she once again spoke out against Cap and Trade by calling it Cap and Tax. She did praise President Obama for supporting nuclear power. A Cap and Trade program actually enhances the budding nuclear power renaissance. It frustrates us when technology becomes political. Why is nuclear power considered to be the Republican domain and Cap and Trade the Democrat domain? President George W. Bush was an aggressive proponent for Cap and Trade just as the Obama adminstration has turned out to be an aggressive proponent of nuclear power.

Instead of being politically correct on Cap and Trade, Sarah Palin should propose a Cap and Trade program that she could believe in. We think such a program would allow nuclear power to used as offsets for fossil fuels. Give us a call Sarah. We will help you design a program that you can take out onto the road. Our Green Carbon Bank (GCB) can serve as a model for you in promoting a dynamic Cap and Trade program. In fact, Sarah Palin could also embrace solar, wind and other alternative technologies for reducing our unlimited CO2 input into the atmosphere. She can promote nuclear power as the back-up for these intermittent sources of electricity. Our Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) can also serve as a model for embracing alternative technologies in a Cap and Trade system. And we are sure that Sarah would love our Energy Defense Reservations (EDR) concept. A good Cap and Trade program would enhance all of these methods. It would also put Sarah Palin on the cutting edge of climate change mitigation.

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