Friday, February 19, 2010

FERC Approves Google's Power Marketing Application

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) unanimously approved Google's application to become an electricity marketer, which means it can buy and sell bulk power like a utility. Google made the filing so they can have more flexibility in buying power for their own operations, including their data centers. Data centers have become huge power users.

The Center become a power marketer in order to complement and leverage our Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) and Green Carbon Bank (GCB). These are greenhouse gas offset services. Companies and organizations do not need to own generation facilities or transmission lines to deliver power. Google does not own generating plants or power lines. Google wants to manage its own energy supplies and gain better access to renewable power. Google does not plan to sell its energy management service or speculate in energy markets. They have their hands full providing for powering their own servers.

Our guess is that Google intends to get on on the Smart Meter business, at least the software side. Google already offers an on-line tool to help consumers manage their energy use known as Google's PowerMeter. The company has partnered with utilities on this project. (WSJ, 2/18/10)

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