Thursday, January 29, 2009

President Obama proposed (in H.R. 1) the creation of a new website ( that will allow the public to monitor how effectively his proposed $819 billion stimulus package is being spent. The site is part of his plan to create a more transparent administration. See House language below:



There is established a board to be known as the ‘Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board’ (hereafter in this subtitle referred to as the ‘Board’) to coordinate and conduct oversight of Federal spending under this Act to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.


(a) Requirement To Establish Website- The Board shall establish and maintain a website on the Internet to be named, to foster greater accountability and transparency in the use of funds made available in this Act.

(b) Purpose- shall be a portal or gateway to key information related to this Act and provide a window to other Government websites with related information.

(c) Matters Covered- In establishing the website, the Board shall ensure the following:

(1) The website shall provide materials explaining what this Act means for citizens. The materials shall be easy to understand and regularly updated.

(2) The website shall provide accountability information, including a database of findings from audits, inspectors general, and the Government Accountability Office.

(3) The website shall provide data on relevant economic, financial, grant, and contract information in user-friendly visual presentations to enhance public awareness of the use funds made available in this Act.

(4) The website shall provide detailed data on contracts awarded by the Government for purposes of carrying out this Act, including information about the competitiveness of the contracting process, notification of solicitations for contracts to be awarded, and information about the process that was used for the award of contracts.

(5) The website shall include printable reports on funds made available in this Act obligated by month to each State and congressional district.

(6) The website shall provide a means for the public to give feedback on the performance of contracts awarded for purposes of carrying out this Act.

(7) The website shall be enhanced and updated as necessary to carry out the purposes of this subtitle.

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