Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who Is Chip Giller? And Why Does He 'Get It?'

We read Grist everyday at the Center. It is the best environmental magazine today. They also have a sense of humor about environmental issues at the mag. Here is the bio of the president and founder from the magazine.

Chip Giller founded Grist in 1999 to lighten up a movement known for taking itself too seriously. He was named a TIME Magazine "Hero of the Environment" in 2007, and was awarded the 2006 National Conservation Achievement Award by the National Wildlife Federation. Chip has been featured for his work in such outlets as Vanity Fair, Newsweek, and Outside, and has appeared on broadcast programs including the Today show and PBS's NOW.

In 2004, he received the Jane Bagley Lehman Award for Excellence in Public Advocacy from the Tides Foundation, in recognition of the vital role Grist is playing in increasing environmental awareness.Before launching Grist, Chip was editor of Greenwire, the first environmental news daily. He is a senior fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program and a three-time journalism fellow with the Institutes for
Journalism and Natural Resources.

A native of Massachusetts, Chip graduated from Brown University with an honors degree in environmental studies. (Yes, he is an obsessive Red Sox fan.) When Chip's not pondering the future of online environmental journalism, he likes to spend his time with his wonderful wife Jenny and their 2-year-old daughter Ellis at their home on Vashon Island, near

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