Monday, September 11, 2006

Waldorf-Astoria Facade Needs to be Cleaned

Built in 1931 and located at 301 Park Avenue (between 49th & 50th Streets), the Waldorf-Astoria facade is a pitiful sight. It is covered with a film of soot particles probably cooked into the cement facade with heat and soaked in with acid rain. It looks horrible. The status associated with the name probably maintains profits and the location near Rockefeller Plaza and other midtown attractions make it an attractive destination. However, management knows what we are saying is true and they should sandblast it or put on a new metal facade.

We would be happy to assist them with the project if they are reluctant to improve their image. There might be other, newer locations, but just as Beverly Hills represents class in Hollywood, the Waldorf-Astoria represents class in New York. The difference is that Beverly Hills still look immaculate and the Waldorf-Astoria looks run down. The facade makes it look like a seedy motel somewhere in New Jersey. Come on. Get the sandblaster out and bring back the charm.

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