Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Contaminated Ground Zero Deutsche Bank Demolition

The demolition of the Deutsche Bank tower, dark building in middle at left, has turned into a big problem. Local EPA inspectors have questioned the safety of the state's proposed deconstruction methods. The plan is to take the building apart piece by piece instead of by implosion or wrecking ball. The nearby neighborhood is concerned about being contaminated by the toxic Gound Zero dust still saturating the inside of the building.

There is an urgency to get this building at 130 Liberty Street down because construction has begun on the Freedom Tower. Published reports are citing concerns that the Pataki administration is trying to get standards lowered so that they can proceed with deconstruction. Of course, everyone is mum about such discussions. Regardless, the building will have to come down sooner or later. Hopefully, bureaucracy will not compromise the health of those nearby and the space will be made available for development soon.

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