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DC Stormwater Management Final Rule & Guidebook

Center Stormwater Credit Exchange

On July 19, 2013, DDOE released the 2013 Rule on Stormwater Management and Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (2013 SW Rule), which amended Chapter 5 (water Quality) of Title 21 (Water and Sanitation) of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR). DDOE also released the 2013 Stormwater Management Guidebook (2013 SWMG), which provides technical guidance on how to comply with the rule.

Transition to 2013 SW Rule and 2013 SWMG

Section 552 of the 2013 SW Rule describes DDOE’s plan for transitioning to the new stormwater management performance requirements. The official language is in the DCMR, but for the convenience of the public DDOE has provided a summary of the transition plan. Other provisions of the 2013 SW Rule (including those for erosion and sediment control, Stormwater Retention Credit trading, and service fees) take effect upon final publication of the rule.

Projects regulated under Transition Period 1 of the transition plan should consult the 2003 SWMG.

Key Documents
Training Sessions

DDOE will soon post a schedule for public training sessions on the new requirements in the 2013 SW Rule and 2013 SWMG. DDOE will also send email announcements to individuals on the notification list (see information below).


The rule and SWMG are designed to accomplish the following:
  • Significantly reduce stormwater pollution flowing into the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers, Rock Creek, and other District waterbodies by making the land “spongier” and to better mimic how the vegetated natural environment captures rainwater and soaks it into the soil;
  • Improve the health of District waterbodies over time, making them more usable and attractive for District residents, businesses, and visitors;
  • Update the District’s existing requirements to reflect the current scientific, engineering, and practical understanding in the field and to be comparable to other urban jurisdictions, such as Philadelphia, PA and Montgomery County, MD;
  • Improve equity in how the burden of stormwater management is allocated in the District;
  • Provide flexible compliance options for regulated sites to maximize cost savings while still protecting District waterbodies;
  • Create a financial incentive and business opportunity for voluntary installation of stormwater retrofits to earn Stormwater Retention Credits that can be sold to regulated sites to meet part of their requirements; and
  • Allow the District to comply with federal requirements established in its stormwater permit, which is issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act.
Notification List

To be added to a notification list for news related to the rule and SWMG, please email Arquena Dailey at  or call (202) 741-2136.


If you have questions on the 2013 SW Rule and SRC trading, contact Brian VanWye at  or (202) 741-2121. If you have questions about the 2013 SWMG, to please contact Rebecca Stack at  or (202) 727-5160.

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