Thursday, June 14, 2012

Greening The Media

Toby Miller and Richard Maxwell have just written a book called Greening the Media, from Oxford University Press. You'll never look at your cell phone, TV, or computer the same after reading this book. Greening the Media is a new way of conceptualizing and undertaking the history and political economy of the media that focuses on the ecological impact of print, cell phones, and everything in-between. They reveal the dirty secrets that hide inside our favorite electronic devices, to show how the physical reality of making, consuming, and discarding them is rife with toxic ingredients, poisonous working conditions, and hazardous waste.

The following is a link to the intro of the book.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Toby is a British-Australian-US interdisciplinary social scientist and the author of over 30 books. He has published essays in more than 100 journals and edited collections, and is a frequent guest commentator on television and radio programs. His teaching and research cover the media, sports, labor, gender, race, citizenship, politics, and cultural policy, as well as the success of Hollywood overseas and the adverse effects of electronic waste. Miller's work has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, German, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese.   Past interviews and talks.
Based in New York, Richard Maxwell is a political economist of media and a Professor of Media Studies ant Queens College. He has published widely on a range of topics, from television in Spain's democratic transition to Hollywood's international dominance, from media politics in the post 9-11 era to how big political economic forces work in the mundane routines of daily life and culture. He recently spoke about Greening the Media at the New York TV Academy's "Mid-Morning Exchange."

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