Monday, July 12, 2010

"Bag Green Guilt"

How can we not have increasing eco-anxiety as we hear about oil gushing, glaciers melting and toxic pollution everywhere? Author Jen Pleasants, aims to transform our eco-anxiety with her new book, "Bag Green Guilt, Five Easy Steps: Turn Eco-Anxiety Into Constructive Energy."

Jen's book speaks to what so many Americans are thinking, but are afraid to be politically incorrect by saying out loud--they are overwhelmed by the incredible scope of environmental problems and feel helpless against the tide.

Instead of thinking that "nothing I do will make a difference," Jen exhorts us to take small steps and then cheer leads our efforts, knowing (and using quotes to support her contention), that small steps made by lots of us, can add up to meaningful change. Ms. Pleasants puts into words what we are all thinking and feeling, ”How can I take care of the planet when I can not even fully take care of myself?”She backs her arguments with statistics that blow her mind and will yours as well, if you're not aware of them. This book is for anyone who is stuck under a pile of green guilt. You won't fail to be inspired to move from inertia to action.

This is the first book to address how our increasing environmental awareness is affecting our psyche and what we can do about it. No one wants or needs yet another book telling them that they need to compost, ride their bike to work, or bring their own bag to the store. We have pressure to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, our planet – it’s all very overwhelming. Ms. Pleasants says:

“I want my book to realign the reader’s state of mind, to take them from a state of hopelessness into a place where they know how to take a next step, how to participate and feel good about their way of life.”

Rather than focusing on the apocalyptic forecast, Bag Green Guilt concentrates on accessible solutions and positivity, with the philosophy that thoughts influence change and even the smallest actions make a difference. In today's world there is so much pressure to be 'green.' The byproducts are 'eco-anxiety' and 'green guilt.' More and more people are struggling with these emotions, and now with this book we have a way to address them. Through examining the emotions people have about the environment, and explaining how to transform those feelings into constructive energy, Bag Green Guilt inspires us to take action and reassures us that the actions we take do make a difference. By the time you finish Bag Green Guilt you will stop feeling helpless and start feeling more empowered and self-fulfilled while working toward a common goal of a healthier planet.

About Jen Pleasants: Jen Pleasants is an eco-anxiety ridden mother of three. After more than ten years in marketing and advertising she went on to found the original 'Show the Love,' a jewelry, clothing and body products company, in 2003, dedicated to raising money and awareness for charity. Over time, Jen decided to turn her manufacturing/design business into a media business and use her growing knowledge and interest in everything green/eco to help make the world a better place. She is the publisher of a site that combines fun, fashion, and feeling green with doing right by the world, fulfilling the founder’s motto to “make it all better.”

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