Friday, November 20, 2009

EPA Launches New Interactive Tool To Measure SO2

New interactive tracking tools are now available on EPA’s Web site to help the public follow nation-wide changes in sulfur dioxide(SO2) emissions from coal-fired power plants. Using interactive charts and Google Earth satellite maps, the public can now observe recent changes in SO2 emissions and other indicators at individual coal-fired power plants in the Acid Rain Program.

The Acid Rain Program was established under the 1990 Clean Air ActAmendments requiring power plants to reduce emissions of SO2 andnitrogen oxides (NOx)—the primary causes of acid rain. Since 1995, the program has achieved significant environmental and public health benefits. In 2008, electric generating units subject to the market-basedcap and trade SO2 program emitted 7.6 million tons of SO2, well below the current annual emission cap of 9.5 million tons.

More information on the interactive tracking tool

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