Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NRC To Lease Newly Constructed Office Building

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) plans to lease a newly constructed 14-story, 362,000-square-foot office tower across from its office in Bethesda, Maryland. The NRC is expanding as part of the Obama administration's expectation that the agency expects to see plans for about 25 new nuclear reactors and has hired hundreds of staff to review applications from proposed operators. The agency will lease the building from the developer, LCOR.

They have hired 600 full-time engineers and some support people and have them in temporary locations in six buildings in Rockville and Bethesda. They will all be together in one complex.

The new $131 million building will be across the street from the existing NRC campus. It will be part of North Bethesda Center, a mixed-use property that currently contains apartments and is proposed to include a hotel and retail space. Construction is scheduled to begin in March and the tower will open in about two years. (Wash Post, 10/27/09, Rendering Courtesy Of Lcor)

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