Monday, April 27, 2009

Bingaman: Energy Bill to Tackle Key Issues

Statement from Senate E&NRC, Jeff Bingaman, right, Chairman, April 22nd, 2009. The Energy and Natural Resources Committee has been working to produce a bipartisan, comprehensive energy bill since the beginning of this Congress. In developing a new energy bill, the committee plans to tackle several key challenges:

1) deploying clean-energy technology;

2) improving energy efficiency;

3) maintaining adequate supplies of conventional fuels as we make the transition to newer forms of energy;

4) increasing energy innovation; making energy markets more transparent; and

5) maintaining the proper balance between energy and environment policies, especially as it relates to global warming.
1) Deploying Clean-Energy Technology. A national renewable electricity standard will enhance the diversity of domestic electricity generation, position the United States to regain the lead in world technology in these areas and prepare our electricity sector for the inevitable requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to more renewable electricity, America needs to implement a smart and robust national transmission grid.

2) Improving Energy Efficiency. A huge source of potential for energy savings is in improving efficiencies in the way that we use energy, particularly in the building sector and appliances.

3) Promoting Conventional Fuels. Our push for new clean sources of energy and greater energy efficiency does not mean that we can ignore our existing major sources of energy. We must make the transition to an energy future where our reliance on traditional fossil fuels will be lessened.

4) Making Markets More Transparent. Better data and oversight over these new market players and forces, if we want energy markets to function effectively in the future.

5) Maintaining the Proper Balance. A robust debate on how best to construct a mandatory regulatory regime to mitigate global climate change.

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