Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"60 Minutes" and Nuclear Power

As the first and still only environmental group to aggressively and publicly support nuclear power, we wonder if "60 Minutes" will leave us out, as others have, when they finally get around to a comprehensive piece on nuclear power? We came out for support of nuclear power in 2001, years before any other environmentalists in North America. Yet neither the media nor the nuclear industry acknowledge this fact. Admittedly we are an unknown group, but having the vision to figure out one of the major (controversial) solutions to global climate change would seem to merit some mention. To date, we have hardly received any publicity for our early scientific conclusion. Maybe "60 Minutes" will rectify that. Or maybe not.

We have toured nuclear power plants all over the United States, in China and France. We have toured Yucca Mountain and the French reprocessing plant near Normandie. We have testified at numerous Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) hearings and blogged like crazy to get the word out. We took a chance on publicly supporting this technology well before anybody else in America had the guts to step forward. Such vision and practical acceptance of the scientific facts should be recognized. Yet we hold this truth to be self evident that it might not be recognized even in the face of our ongoing lone environmental group support.

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