Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is America Becoming A Socialist Oligarchy?

Is America quickly morphing from a capitalist democracy into a socialist oligarchy? We believe the question is important to the future of our great country. History will show that 2008 led to the government takeover, bailout, and otherwise significant intervention into the marketplace. It can be debated as to whether deregulation or botched regulation led to the nationalization of many of our major financial and manufacturing institutions. One thing is certain: America is becoming what we have consistently and historically criticized Russia and China as being, that is, socialist/communist centrally controlling systems. Is America, which crowed for decades about the superiority of the capitalist model, now capitulating and acknowledging the superiority of the Russian/Chinese model by our actions? We can hear Russian President Medvedev and Russian Prime Minister Putin crowing right back at us pretty soon. That is after they finish their military exercises near us with Hugo Chavez. Of course China's President Hu Chin Tao is too sophisticated to 'publicly' crow about our verification of the productive efficacy of their societal model.

Now America is appointing 'czars' to oversee major sectors in the American economy. These czars do not need Senate confirmation and operate outside of the authority of duly nominated and confirmed Cabinet members. An 'Energy Czar' has been announced. A 'Car Czar' is being proposed with the loan package to the auto industry. How long before there is a 'Shadow Czarist Cabal' that overshadows the official cabinet officials? The Center supports the Obama administration's push to rescue American capitalism, but we oppose this huge swing towards socialism and centralization of power initiated during the fading days of the Bush administration.

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