Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Center Wants $20 Billion Of Stimulus for Energy Defense

The Center is requesting the Obama administration and Congress to authorize $20 billion of the estimated $800 billion 'stimulus package' to support our Energy Defense Reservations (EDR) demonstration project. The EDR combines a nuclear power plant with a coal-fired power plant to produce electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, and gasoline. The nuclear plant uses very high temperatures to split water into hydrogen for fuel cell production and oxygen for oxycombustion in the coal plant firebox, which will burn powdered coal in almost pure oxygen. The carbon dioxide will be converted into diesel fuel and gasoline via the Fischer-Tropshe method.

The Center will be meeting with representatives from the Defense Department, Congress and the Obama administration to promote these 'red, white and blue' jobs. We believe these jobs are just as important as the 'green energy efficiency and conservation jobs' we also promoting in the stimulus package. Thousands of planning jobs would be created immediately by this ambitious 'Apollo Project.' The nuclear industry, coal industry, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and pipeline companies, among others, would all have to figure out how to make EDR work. The smart national grid being targeted for support in the stimulus package would also be crucial to the commercialization of these plants.

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