Friday, May 23, 2014

Nuclear Power Reactor Decommissioning & Spent Fuel Storage Status

Vermont Yankee
In the last year, the owners of five nuclear power reactors have confirmed their early closure. Kewaunee, Crystal River 3, San Onofre (SONGS) 2 & 3 and Vermont Yankee will join the list of nine nuclear power plants already holding either a DECON or SAFSTOR license in the USA. With Kewaunee and Vermont Yankee shutting down prematurely due to an unfavourable economic climate based on low gas prices, it’s widely believed that further plant closures may follow. Despite ten nuclear power plants having already been decommissioned in the USA, much of the original knowledge has been lost through retirements, plus external events such as Fukushima and 9/11 have had a huge impact on security and emergency planning that NPP plant closures in the 90s and before didn’t have to deal with.

Couple this unprecedented level of attention towards nuclear decommissioning with the multitude of questions surrounding what will happen to spent fuel once a nuclear power plant has completely shut down, and it’s clear that the backend of the nuclear life cycle is here to stay. As a result, Nuclear Energy Insider has put together an exclusive decommissioning and spent fuel storage map to help you mark out where and when major decommissioning, demolition and Independent spent fuel storage installation (ISFSI) construction will be taking place.  (Nuclear Energy Insider)

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