Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Rim Fire in Stanislaus National Forest Grows

The Rim Fire in the Stanislaus National Forest (east of Sacramento, California) is now 53,866 acres and continues into an eastward spread.  The Cherry Lake Campground was evacuated and an evacuation center has been opened at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.

The Center has a Wildfire Mitigation Program to prevent these disasters.

DC-10 and military type aircraft are being used to try to contain the fires.  The fire continues to spread northwest burning past Butcher Knife Ridge and moving into Grapevine Creek; northeast up the Tuolumne River Drainage from the Gravel Range past Jones Point Lookout; and continues to spread southeast edge along Hwy 120 to the east.  (MyMotherLode, 8/22/2013)

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