Friday, June 07, 2013

June is “Great Outdoors” Month

In 2010, President Obama issued a memorandum creating the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative as a strategy to help Americans conserve natural and wild places so that they may continue to be used for recreation. In accordance with the initiative and in celebration of the resources nature has to offer, June has been designated as Great Outdoors Month.

The year before, Center President Norris McDonald attended The White House signing of the Public Lands Management Act of 2009.

Here are some ideas and helpful tips:

1. Take a hike to explore the beauty of nature, but be sure to check the air quality and UV Index with these helpful apps before heading out.  and

2. Get the kids to enjoy sun and water with recreational fishing. June 1-9 is National Fishing & Boating Week

3.  Young fishing enthusiasts can discover here which kinds of fish are safe to eat.

4. Heading to the beach? Check for beach closures with BEACON 2.0 – Beach Advisory and Closing On-Line Notification.

5. Since June is also American Rivers Month, learn more about your watershed before setting out for a local river.

6. Taking a trip to one of our nation’s National Parks is a great way to get outdoors, but experiencing America’s natural environment doesn’t always require travel; enjoy the green spaces close to home by planning a picnic.  . Check out the America’s Great Outdoors website for more ideas on getting outside. 

7. Biking to work instead of driving replaces time in an indoor gym and reduces your carbon footprint. Learn more about Bike to Work Week, share personal photos, and express your thoughts or calculate your carbon footprint.

8. Creating a backyard GreenScape is an excellent outdoor option for those who want to bring nature close to home. 

9. Check out Landscape Irrigation Controllers through EPA’s WaterSense program for products and tips to help you keep your garden green while using less water more efficiently. 

10. Learn about the conditions of your lake before taking a swim using the EPA’s web app “How’s My Waterway?”

We wish you a safe and enjoyable time as you enjoy your environment during Great Outdoors Month!  (EPA)

For the 2013 Presidential Proclamation

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