Friday, January 11, 2013

Sustainable DC Act of 2012

Mayor Vincent C. Gray will sign into law the Sustainable DC Act of 2012 on Wednesday January 16 at 10:00 am.  The Sustainable DC Act will benefit the District in each of the three legs of sustainability: economy, equity, and environment. The legislation will help promote energy efficiency and renewable energy, urban agriculture, and will keep dangerous chemicals out of our rivers.

Vincent C. Gray

Specifically, the act:

Refines the terms of PACE financing for energy retrofits in large projects;

Authorizes additional funding for two existing programs in the District that are key for energy efficiency and renewable energy: the Energy Star Benchmarking Program and the Renewable Energy Incentive Program;

Reduces the use of fertilizers by increasing the buffer between fertilized areas and waterways to help clean our rivers and streams;

Makes it much easier to keep bees, which is valuable not only for agriculture and gardens, but also for the educational opportunities its affords to schoolchildren and the general public;

Protects children from toxic exposure by separating the location of children-occupied facilities and drycleaners that use chemicals with dangerous health effects; and

Provides assistance to low-income and elderly households to access weatherization services and energy system retrofits to tune-up heating systems and hot water heaters, so that these households can reduce their utility bills and live in comfortable, efficient homes.

(Sustainable DC)

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