Friday, May 11, 2012

EPA To Remove Vapor Capture Boot

Rubber Boot To Be Removed From Gas Pump Handles

The Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday they intend to phase out the rubber boots on gas pump handles now used to capture harmful gasoline vapors while refueling cars. The EPA says the vapor-capturing fuel pumps are redundant because more than 70% of all cars on the road today are equipped with on-board systems that capture the harmful vapors.

According to the EPA, 31,000 affected gas stations in mostly urban areas where smog is a problem will each save $3,000 apiece once the ruling is fully implemented.

Since 1994, gas stations that did not meet air quality standards have been required to use gas vapor recovery systems.

The most obvious gas vapor recovery system for drivers is the rubber boot at the end of the fuel pump nozzle that fits directly over the gas tank opening. When drivers refuel, gas vapors can escape and contribute to smog and harmful air pollution. To combat the release of these vapors, most gas stations have installed special gas pump nozzles that include the rubber boot to block vapors from escaping.

The EPA says the rubber fittings will be phased out as part of the new rule. The White House decision is the latest government-wide review of federal regulations. (CNN, 5/10/2012)

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