Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hunan Yonker Environmental Protection Institute Co., Ltd

The Hunan Yonker Environmental Protection Institute Co., Ltd. (Yonker EPI) was established in 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Yonker EPI is controlled by the Hunan Yonker Investment Group. Mr. Liu Zhengjun, the Chairman of of the group, is also the Chairman of Yonker EPI. Yonker EPI is located in the Environment Protection Industrial Park in the Changsha high-tech development Zone.  As a scientific research institution that keeps up with international advanced environmental protection technologies, Yonker EPI was established to lead a modern environmental protection industry.

Yonker EPI focuses on R&D for new technology, new process and new products on environmental protection; introduction of advanced environmental protection technologies and equipment; water treatment; solid waste treatment; and environmental service consultation, among other fields.

Yonker EPI aims for the utilization of advanced technological achievements in the field of international environmental protection. The Institute will introduce, digest and absorb advanced environmental protection technologies at home and abroad, and establish an international cooperation platform for better communication and cooperation.

Hunan Yonker EPI held an MOU signing ceremony last week when Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping was visiting Washington, D.C.  The MOU was with a number of U.S. environmental firms.  Center President Norris McDonald attended the MOU ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The MOU was signed with three U.S. entities. The first memorandum was signed by the Milwaukee Water Association, which is an international leader in water treatment research, education and economic development. The Milwaukee Association of cooperation will develop water research and the sharing of water-related technology. The second memorandum was signed with the H & S company, which is committed to two important areas: providing users with safe drinking water and controlling water pollution to protect the environment. They will cooperate in the management of water companies, water resources management and water related technologies. The third memorandum of cooperation was with  Ze-gen, which is a renewable energy company with a clean and efficient gasification technology patents.

Hunan Yonker EPI is affiliated with Hunan Yonker Environmental Protection Company.

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