Friday, November 18, 2011

A Moment With Occupy Wall Street in the New York Subway


By Norris McDonald

I was in New York City on Thursday when the Occupy Wall Streeters were occupying the subway.  They were doing the 'speak together' thing and the media was also in the railcar.  Occupy Wall Street isn't camped out at Zuccotti Park anymore, but they were spreading out around the city.  Lower Manhattan was swarming with Occupy demonstrators and police.  Unfortunately, there was a lunatic in the railcar and he was clearly intoxicated and screaming at the protesters.  After the Occupy protesters got off the train the lunatic screamed that horrible racial epithet at them.  Even though there were no Blacks in this particular crowd.  Of course, there was a Black policeman standing nearby and he inquired as to how the lunatic wanted this subway ride to end.  The lunatic got off at the next stop.

I'm just sharing some of that extra unique New York City environment.  For your enjoyment, my walk through early morning Zuccotti Park before they were kicked out.

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