Wednesday, September 07, 2011

40 Important Ways that Colleges Are Conserving Water

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Water is a precious resource, and although it flows freely from the tap, it’s not infinite. Green campus lawns, clean cafeteria plates, and even air conditioned dorms don’t happen without using lots of water. As major institutions, colleges are serious users of water, and although some don’t yet recognize the need to conserve water, many of them do. In fact, college campuses are home to some of the most innovative ideas for water conservation, implementing water management technology, smart conservation policies, and more.

1) A new low flow standard

2) Recycling rooftop rainwater

3) Using campus resources

4) Installing water misers

5) Educating students

6) Recirculating systems

7) Green campus grounds with reclaimed water

8) Using cisterns

9) Leak reporting

10) Water use monitoring

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