Thursday, April 21, 2011

Japan Government Enforcing Fukushima Nuke Exclusion Zone

Japan's government announced today that it is creating a formal ban on entry into the 12-mile evacuation zone around the quake-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear-power plant after some residents ignored pleas to stay away from the potentially hazardous areas.  The no-entry ban into the 12-mile ( 20 kilometer) evacuation zone will still allow limited visitations by displaced families in order to retrieve goods with one person per family allowed to enter for two-hour periods.  Under the previous voluntary ban, some residents have refused to leave the area and others have come in and out to retrieve belongings.

Evacuees who have made incursions into the zone have caused worries among neighbors and local governments that they are spreading radiation upon their return. Some people threw away the protective gear they had been wearing on the street when they came back from the zone. Vehicles often come back without properly getting cleaned. (WSJ, 4/21/2011)

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