Monday, February 14, 2011

EPA FY 2012 Budget Proposal

President's Corner

By Norris McDonald

Norris McDonald
Lisa Jackson
I attended the EPA briefing today on the FY 2012 Budget recommendation for the agency at the EPA HQ in Washington, DC.  After wishing Administrator Jackson a 'Happy Valentine's Day" [and she wished me a belated happy birthday--our birthdays are on the same day, Feb 8], I asked if the $46 million increase in the greenhouse gas program (GHG) budget was enough to effectively implement the regulations.  I followed by sharpening a couple of press questions and asked if Rand Paul and the House cut EPA's budget by 40%, would the agency still have the capability to implement the GHG program. The administrator assured me that the increase was sufficient to support the agency's mission.  Just as she did with the press and others, she did not answer the hypothethical question about the Congressional budget cuts.

I attended the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) budget briefing too.  Just an observation: EPA held their meeting in the ornate Rachel Louise Carson Great Hall, which is next to the administrator's office. It is called the Green Room, probably because of the green marble floor tiles.  The room also has deep brown wood walls and ceiling and three huge chandeliers.  The DOE briefing was in the basement in a small auditorium.

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