Saturday, December 04, 2010

Darryl Fears Reporting on Environment for The Washington Post

Darryl Fears is reporting on environmental issues for The Washington Post newspaper. Congratulations Mr. Fears.  We are sure you will bring an interesting perspective to environmental reporting.  He is covering the Chesapeake Bay and has published several articles.

Darryl Fears
Darryl Fears covers affordable housing and poverty for The Washington Post. He previously worked on the national desk, covering race, diversity, immigration, politics and criminal justice policy, and helped launch the "Being a Black Man" series. Before arriving at The Post, Fears worked for the Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution and Detroit Free Press. He is a graduate of Howard University.

We are delighted that the newspaper for our nation's capital is giving veteran reporter Fears an opportunity to branch out.  (The Washington Post, DC Wire)

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