Friday, August 13, 2010

Miller Environmental Group

Miller Environmental Group, based in Calverton New York, is an environmental response, remediation and restoration company, providing its services to industry, municipalities, commercial and residential customers. Established in 1971, Miller Environmental says it dedicates itself to "providing our customers with the all resources necessary for a successful conclusion to any job."

Recently, MEG went to the Gulf to assist the U.S. Coast Guard with oil removal. MEG recruited people interested in performing the clean up and trained hundreds of response workers. Each worker received OSHA 24 hr. training along with a complete physical exam and some background screening prior to being deployed. This wasl be the largest deployment of personnel and equipment to an incident in the 39 year history of the company. MEG provided over 20 response craft, pumps, pressure washer units, tracked vehicles and specialty equipment. In addition over three miles of containment boom was shipped and deployed off the coast of Alabama.

Mark E. Miller, MEG, left, is the Owner and Chief Executive officer of Miller Environmental Group, Inc. and Miller Environmental Services, Inc.

From 1992 to 1997, Mr. Miller served as the President of NRC, the largest commercial oil spill response company in the United States. He serves as Director of Applied Process Technology Inc.

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