Saturday, April 03, 2010

Results-Only Work Environment

CultureRx is partnering with ICF International, a prime vendor with the federal government, to execute the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) pilot within the U.S. Office of Personnel management (OPM). This means ROWE has officially entered the federal government. ROWE is a management strategy that emphasizes evaluating workers on what they do, not where or when they do it. OPM Direct Director John Berry made the announcement on March 31 with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance (Wash Post, 4/1/10). He explained how 400 agency employees will begin migrating into a ROWE over an eight-month period. The Deloitte consulting firm will evaluate the strategy.

The Center has established a Carbon Dioxide Reduction (CDR) Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by recruiting companies and individuals to participate in a flexible work schedule that will primarily include telecommuting, but could also utilize other practices and technologies. We would be delighted to integrate our CDR Program into the ROWE if the pilot project is successful. The Carbon Dioxide Reduction Program is designed to reduce emissions of the primary greenhouse gas from vehicles by promoting the use of broadband telecommuting to take vehicles off of the road, thus eliminating the CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted during the drive to and from work.

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