Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eugene Robinson Gets It Wrong With "Palin's Climategate"

The Washington Post Op Ed Columnist Eugene Robinson sought to paint candidate-for-the-2012-presidency Sarah Palin as an advocate for climate change mitigation measures when she was the governor of Alaska. He does this in an apparent effort to paint her as a hypocrite now for advocating against manmade global warming and President Obama's efforts to constructively address the real problem. Sorry Eugene, but you got it wrong.

When government officials want to bury a real issue, they issue Executive Orders or establish 'special' offices or commissions to address it. That is what Sarah Palin did in Alaska. So Robinson's notion that she was taking the issue seriously is faulty. Okay, so she put some lofty rhetoric in the toothless administrative order and established a powerless subCabinet. These are the actions of inaction in our opinion. If she were serious, she would have sponsored legislation to establish a serious cap and trade program in Alaska much as the Northeastern states did in establishing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). So she has been consistent in her opposition to seriously addressing man-induced climate change.

Sorry Eugene. You missed the mark on this one. (Wash Post, 12/15/09)

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