Friday, March 27, 2009

Republican Alternative Budget Includes Energy & Environment

The Republican Road to Recovery, March 2009 has been highly criticized for only being 19 pages long. But it does include some specifics on energy and environmental issues (pp 11-13).

The Center agrees that high electricity prices are bad for Americans.

The Center agrees that we should reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The Center disagrees with increased Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) drilling. Our oceans and beaches are too precious to put at risk of oil spills. As an alternative we support coal-to-liquids, shale-to-oil and oil sands conversion --all utilizing nuclear energy as the power source.

The budget is right to point out the hypocrisy of Democrats about wind power. Local environmentalists, NIMBYs and the Kennedy's are the first to oppose wind projects when they are proposed in their backyards. The high power lines too. The Center supports Cape Wind, other wind projects and the power lines that go with them.

We also agree with support for nuclear power.

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