Tuesday, February 24, 2009

316(b): Secret Weapon To Destroy Nuclear & Coal Plants

After the furor over 911 subsided and the terrorism argument was no longer viable as a way to scare the public about nuclear power plants, traditional environmentalists have turned to a new weapon: A Clean Water Act regulation that could possibly require nuclear and coal plants that use 'once through' cooling water to build huge cooling towers. This is a shut down scenario and traditional environmentalists know it. Unfortunately, shutting down once through nuclear plants will significant hurt our fight against global warming. And shutting down the coal plants will leave us without enough electricity to power our society.

The Center is in the forefront of protecting America's nuclear fleet from this menace. Court rulings and EPA regulations are still going back and forth over the 316(b) regulation relating to 'best technology available' for protecting river, lake and ocean fish. Ristroph Screen technology is the best technology available. Center staff are pictured at right standing near such screens at a nuclear power plant water intake area. Although some fish eggs and larvae are what are called impinged and entrained on screens and through the cooling system, electricity power plants pose little danger to the overall fish populations.

The Center has a long history of fish protection and river clean ups. We have conducted numerous river tours, creek walks and water testing. These activities have included macroinvertebrate species tests using kick seins (see photos above). We will continue to work to protect fish populations and assure that America has sufficient electricity to maintain the American way of life. We will also continue our work to mitigate global warming by promoting the safe use of nuclear power.

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