Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Is The GM Volt Going to Cost? And the GM Provoq?

GM plans to make the plug-in, hybrid GM Volt, left, available in 2010. How much will it cost? Nobody seems to know right now. How much are people willing to pay to buy one? Nobody knows right now. Will GM still be in business in 2010? Nobody knows right now.

Our best guess for a vehicle that will sell is $30,000. Of course, we doubt GM can bring it in at that price and still make a profit. Plus, if gasoline stays around $2.00 per gallon, there will be competition from many other vehicles, including the big SUVs.

The Center is promoting a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell lithium-ion battery hybrid vehicle. GM has one in the planning stage and it is more exciting and revolutionary than the Volt. General Motors has developed the first zero-emission luxury car, the hydrogen- and battery-powered Cadillac concept car designed to run up to 100 miles per hour while emitting only water vapor. It is called the Cadillac Provoq (pronounced "provoke"). GM is now promoting the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid and the Provoq, left & right. GM wants the Volt to be available by 2010. The Provoq has a 300-mile range.

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